The Highlands Ability Battery

  • Every person is born with the talents to be remarkable at something. The secret is to identify those talents and then use them. -The Highlands Philosophy

  • “The only way to do great work is to love what you do."-Steve Jobs

I am certified to administer the Highlands Ability Battery, which can assess your natural abilities and is considered to be the gold standard among career aptitude assessments. Many people spend their days on the job, wondering what their true life’s work should be. I believe that everyone is born with the ability to be remarkable at something. My passion is helping clients to identify and use those talents every day. After identifying your abilities, we can explore how they fit with other important career factors to create your personal vision for your work and life.

In addition to helping those currently in the world of work, the Highland Ability Battery can also help students gain self-understanding for college selection and interview processes. They also identify students’ best learning channels, which will enable them to adapt the ways they study and allow for increased achievement. Most importantly, this information can help students make smarter curriculum and major choices, which in turn can lead to better future career choices. 


I will show you how to take the battery, interpret your reports, and help you to align your natural abilities with other factors such as your life experience, your values, and your interests.  These factors and your abilities together create a model of your whole self, which is not an easy thing to assess on your own.

High-Touch Debrief

As a Highlands Certified Consultant, I will provide you with a personalized debrief that applies your HAB results to your current challenges and career goals.

Rates for the Highlands Ability Battery are $495 which includes: 

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